My one-on-one Soul Sessions are personalized to fit your unique interests, healing goals and needs! I love mixing different healing modalities and techniques for a fun, holistic experience. We will work together to determine what best suits you at the time of your booking.

Soul Sessions can take form as any combination of Astrology Readings, Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Heart-Centered Creative Brainstorming.

1 hour  /   $125

1:1 Private Soul-Session


Soul Sessions

I believe in the power of our own innate wisdom. I believe that we all have the answers and access to crystal clarity, but sometimes we need help navigating through the misty haze. There are times in our lives where we need guidance from the outside to assist us in re-connecting with our own internal compass. We need truth mirrors to reflect back our Divine essence. We need help Remembering. That's why I created soul-sessions, to gently guide you back to your true north and remind you that home is where the heart is. My approach to healing is creative, intuitive and influenced by my own personal journey with a strong focus on connecting with nature and the wild within us all.

🌈💞Love is energy. And energy is everyt

Rites of Passage Ceremony

90 minutes /   $200

Rites of Passage Ceremonies are dedicated to honoring where you are, where you have been and where you are going. Part party, part ritual. Now booking for women approaching or currently in the midst of life transitions. Specializing in motherhood journeys and saturn return years (ages 27 - 30). Small group retreats can be arranged for parties up to 8. Wonderful for moms-to-be, bridal showers and birthday parties. Inquire for group pricing.

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Connecting the Golden Threads (Life Mapping in the Valley)

$222 per month

A year long mentorship program for cultivating a life of Intention, gaining a Sense of Direction and diving deep into your own Soul for the answers you've been searching for.


Program Begins Fall 2021. Limited number of seats available.

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